Wedding Dress Cleaning Process


 Wedding Dress Cleaning

We offer a wedding dress cleaning and boxing process to all brides in the Cardiff area and South Wales. As your dress is probably the most expensive item of clothing you will buy and it should be treasured, we recommend getting your dress professionally cleaned with us before you store or sell it on. The specialist cleaners LuxGleam recognises the sentimental and financial importance of every bride’s gown and they will do everything in their power to get the dress as clean as possible for you.

LuxGleam use a specialist wet cleaning process. This is much more gentle on the fabrics and doesn’t include chemical processes.  LuxGleam has been operating more than two years and their service is excellent. CocoMio Bridal is a drop off collection for  the cleaners and we work in partnership.

  • For a store sample (never worn outside) cleaning- £120
  • A Post Wedding Clean is a more specified service (includes mud stains)- £160 non boxed
  • Clean and small box £230
  • Clean and medium box £240
  • Dry Clean your veil- £50 (£20 no mud)
  • Dry Clean your petticoat- £20
  • Dry Clean your garter- £10

If you require a larger box then this will depend on the size of your wedding dress and LuxGleam will source a price on request. Boxed includes acid free tissue paper to ensure no discolour and long term storage for your dress.
A Post Wedding Clean boxed depends on the dress size:

CocoMio asks all customer to pay for their cleaning service in advance. The process takes up to 12 weeks getting cleaned. Quicker deliveries can be done on request.

The cleaners is a specialist and off site and we guarantee they will use the best process to get stains out of all wedding gowns. There is no guarantee that the cleaners can removed all stains 100% completely. We have seen our own samples cleaned and can say the process our cleaners provide is excellent.

CocoMio Bridal will take responsibility of the dress while it is handed over in a gown bag, will ensure delivery is organised in the gown bag so not removed during the process and sent off to the specialists.

The store will not take any responsibility for LuxGleam services and how clean the dress gets based on the report that they submit. Any faults to the dress (loose beads, tears, loose threads or rips) is the responsibility of the bride post wedding.

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