True Bridesmaids

CocoMio Bridal stocks the the award winning True Bridesmaid Essentials collection.

This collection takes all the best selling shapes and necklines from the main collection but launches as a simple cut and style at a better price point.

All of the True Bridesmaid dresses we will have in store will be priced from £179-£250 each and each dress can come in a choice of over 70 colours. This is the perfect way to ensure the bridal boutique experience and service for the girls by your side for your wedding day.

This collection is ideal if you want excellent bridesmaid dresses that are not at the large cost of £300 plus per dress and also gaining access to use of our seamstress and our excellent services along the way. An added bonus of not buying on the high street and clashing with guests.

To finish off these dresses, every bride has a choice of four belts to finish off each look (made to the colour chosen) but these range from £9-£35 depending on the belt selection. Again this is not compulsory so every bride can decide what works as part of your personal preference.

We believe this is the perfect collection as all dresses are skim line fit and the option of having a large selection of necklines and not limited to under ten colours is fabulous for the price point. All brides want their bridesmaids to look and feel beautiful but every bride is the star of their own show so this is a collection that can work to this ideal of colour selection and perfect cuts.

Please note all evening and weekend appointments have a £25 styling charge per appointment. Once ordered one of the £25 fees is redeemable against order. Any extra appointments outside of ordering at your first appointment are chargeable. We still go the extra mile to allocate our bridal suite for only a selection of times each weekend so book early to avoid disappointment.


These are just a sample of our bridal and bridesmaids dresses. Call us and book an appointment to see our full range of vintage dresses.

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