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We have drafted this appointment information so you can get an understanding of what to expect before visiting us.  We like to give every bride the time and knowledge that we have while helping every bride for the perfect dress so we feel it is important to understand how we operate our boutique so you can get the best experience out of it.


Securing your Appointment Booking

CocoMio Bridal will hold a £25 deposit fee on your debit card to secure your appointment booking and at the end of your appointment time this amount will then be refunded onto the same card so your first appointment is free of charge with us. If you cancel or fail to show up for your appointment then you won’t be refunded the £25 which will go to administrative time, cover staff costs and holding the appointment when somebody else could of booked in. Please be sure you can show up before you book an appointment. For details on our privacy policy on storing customer details please click here

All first time appointments are 75 minutes long which consists of 10 minutes choosing dresses and 50 minutes trying on in the private fitting room. All retry, accessory and collection appointments are 35 minutes long.

After your first initial appointment all customers will be offered a retry free of charge (same procedure for booking will apply), any extra appointments are charged at £25 (first retry redeemable against order of your dress, all extra appointments are at your own cost.)


Price Points

All of our dresses in store range between £995-£2000 to order from our designers.

If you have a lower budget then we can assist with a sample dress off the peg (£300-£1200 and sample sizes are a size 10-20).Please note if you are opting for a sample clearance dress then availability of dresses depends on the time of year.


We will ask all brides when they come into store if they have a price point they want to stick to so we can bring out dresses below the max price point without the customer falling in love with a dress that is not within budget.

Please remember a budget gives us a guideline so we can help. If you are strict on it then please tell us so we can direct you in the correct way.



We are based on Crwys Road where there is one hour non ticket display parking across the road from the store. Our appointments are longer than this time wise so we recommend parking down the side streets in non residential parking (not inside the white lines). The store is only a two minute walk.



CocoMio Bridal is located at 124 Crwys Road, Cardiff, CF24 4NR




CocoMio Bridal is open five days a week including weekends and one late night evening mid week. To view the store hours please click here.

If you would like an out of hours appointment on one of the two days we are closed then this may be possible (Subject to advance notice and staff availability) but there will be a charge of £40 redeemable against order of a wedding dress. This cost pays for staff to come in and open the shop especially for a standard appointment on their day off.



We ask all brides to come to the store at the exact appointment time allocated. If you come too early then we will ask you to go get a coffee break in a nearby café as we will be attending to another customer. If you arrive late then we will do our best to get you into as many dresses as possible within the time. Anybody more than 10 minutes late who has not communicated with us will lose their appointment slot. We will have the right to offer your appointment time to somebody who requires it in the area if we have no notice of any bride showing up within 10 minutes of your appointment starting.


Choosing Dresses

You will be asked the main key important questions when you visit us. This will include how much time you have to the wedding and we can help you as best as we can with styles and budget. You will be given five coloured tags to browse the full collection and you will not be placed in a corner. The whole collection is there to see.

All our samples range from a size 8 to a size 20. Fear not if you are looking for an a-line dresses then we have had brides up to size 24 put on size 12-14 dresses. We are equipped with clips and gadgets to make dresses fit as best as they can.

Once we get a sense of what your style is,  we will make suggestions. Our goal is to bring in anything that you may have missed if you missed or a wild card to rule out a particular style. Our goal is to make you have the best experience while choosing your wedding dress with us. If you commit to your dress on the first appointment then we will offer a discount on accessories.

We are sorry to announce that we do not have a collection of dresses that are considered plus size in the store but we do have our White Rose Graceful Collection with samples sized 18/20. We don’t like using the term Plus Size so it was very important for us to find a designer that specialises in a curvy range but dresses can be ordered in all sizes. Fear not if our samples are not in your size as majority of our dresses can be ordered up to a size 30.Please feel free to contact us and we can see if we can help.



We have the most amazing private bridal suite. Currently we give every bride exclusive access of our bridal room to ensure you are the only customer in store at any given time. We also do not permit browsing by other parties while your appointment is ongoing.



We ask all brides to please wear white or nude underwear as coloured underwear will be transparent under ivory dresses. If you show up with no underwear then you will be asked to leave and you will lose your deposit. All our samples are kept as best as possible and we don’t expect any bride to put on a sample gown that has been used before them without underwear as this is unhygienic.


Precious Things

On a weekend we ask for brides and family members to refrain from bringing borrowed  items etc as the store is very busy. The store will supply petticoats and shoes for your comfort.  If you require to bring in shoes/veil/ hoop to check if it matches the dress then please do on a mid week appointment. We can’t be held liable if something goes missing or gets damaged. We do ask anybody with  size 2, 9 or 10 feet to please bring shoes with you for fitting room purposes as our shoes range from a size 3-8.



At any appointment we can accommodate seating for a maximum of three people to watch the bride in the fitting room.

If you need to bring more guests then we can accommodate mid week 10am-5pm only.We will do everything to accommodate but we do warn more than three guests can be hard on the bride as too many opinions.



Children are only allowed in the store if they can be on their best behaviour. We do not permit them to touch the dresses or accessories. They must be seated at all times and are not allowed near the large mirrors for fear they would fall on them.

We ask that all babies coming in with family members must be in a seat and not a buggy.  Unfortunately, do not have the space to accommodate a buggy in our busy boutique.

Children are permitted to bring ipads or toys to entertain themselves but these items must be looked after and it is not the responsibility of the store. We do not permit food, and drinks can be provided in a non leak beaker. We want to give you the best experience and for that we need to be hands on dressing the bride and we can’t be watching anybody’s children. If any damage is done then it is the store’s right to charge the bridal party for damage to the store. The appointment will end earlier than timed if staff members feel that the children are being disruptive.



We have a strict non photograph policy in store.

  • We protect copyright of our designers as per our contracts with them
  • The store is not the best and can provide bad lighting. The spot lights cast shadows on the dresses.
  • A phone camera is completely different to a professional camera.

It is the bride’s responsibility to inform all guests with her about this aspect. Failure to do so will result in the appointment ending and loss of deposit.

We only allow photographs (only if she wants them) after the bride has confirmed that she is ordering the dress and paying the deposit. Many brides actually decide against it but we will accommodate your decision on this.


Best Experience

The CocoMio Team will strive to provide you with the best experience possible with information, guidance and we will ask the relevant questions to help with the look you want. We do not force sales and none of our staff are on commission so it will be an enjoyable experience.

 We will send out a confirmation text three days prior to your appointment confirming the booking. The message will also include our postcode on the message so you can easily navigate to the shop.


Seated Appointment

We ask everybody to take their place with seating when the bride gets started in the changing room. We ask for all family members to stay away from the changing room entrance. The dresses take up space and some fabrics are slippy so this is for health and safety reasons. If anybody needs extra family assistance because of an injury/ disability then please let us know before the appointment. We will happily dedicate a staff or family member for extra help in the changing room.

We also forbid family members to take or play with accessories from the wall or cabinet. You can look at them and suggest to us what looks you would like to see. Please let us look after the bride.

At no point is anybody allowed to interrupt the other appointment outside to go grab more dresses off the rail. We have a system in place where we start the bride with 5 dress tags. This allows us to get an idea of what the bride likes or dislikes. We know every dress in store so once we find your shape we can direct the customer with the correct choices. Our staff are fully trained to help choose more dresses suitable. Outside of the 5 tags which are your choices we don’t put people in dresses for the fun of it. If that is the case please include these fun dresses as part of your initial 5 dress tags.


Double Appointments

If two friends want to try on dresses then we can only accommodate. We ask that a lunch or breakfast gap is scheduled between appointments. This allows two separate appointments and no overlap.

This also is the case if a bride wants to organise her bridal dress and bridesmaids in the same day. A gap in between so allows everybody to enjoy the experience more.


Committing to The Dress

When you find your dream dress be prepared to say Yes! We love to celebrate with customers and we reward brides with something extra special when they buy dress, accessories and petticoat at their first appointment also. Subject to the dress not being discontinued and more than a year lead time to the wedding then we have the option of payment plans.

We do hope this appointment information has been helpful. We would love to make you an appointment within our store hours.

We are looking forward to having you in store with us.

Aoife  xxx


These are just a sample of our bridal and bridesmaids dresses. Call us and book an appointment to see our full range of vintage dresses.

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