Wedding Dress Bra Confusion

Posted by Aoife O Gorman

Wedding Dress Bra Confusion


Many brides have wedding dress bra confusion. One of the most asked questions in the store is whether the bride is to wear a bra with a wedding dresses. I tell every bride to be that it is completely up to yourself on what you feel confident wearing. Many start with a bra on their bust and may remove it half way through trying on the dresses as feels better or looks better without while other brides want the confidence of a cup.

Of course there are a few style dresses where the bride must wear a strapless bra if she wants to wear one. The seamstress can work magic and can build belt loops into the inside of the dress so the bra and dress are connected when fitted for that added security.

In some instances, such as backless dresses or low V dresses the bride cannot wear a bra with a wedding dress. Fear not, the seamstess can again work wonders and can build a cup or wire into the bust so it feels like a bra and support has been added. I have two dress styles in store with a low bust area and girls feel very busty in it. I do tell my brides to trust me and to remove the bra. Straight away a huge noticeable difference can be seen and brides come away smiling as they have realised the bra insecurity can be fixed and they feel fabulous in their dress.

No bride wants to be busty on their wedding day as it is a classy affair. When spending the money on a dress every bride wants to look perfect.

So I will conclude and tell all my brides to try both options as you may be surprised and go what you feel comfortable with.

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