CocoMio Store and the Transformation

Posted by Aoife O Gorman

Yay we did it!! I think it is fair to say we have worked so hard to get the store to a presentable level. A lot of friends and family put in 14-16 hour days to convert this store over a three week period. Suppliers of furniture and the front sign also bent over backwards to help me when others had let me down. Can’t thank them all enough.

When we first got the store it had a great layout and I could see potential but a lot of work was going to be needed which would involve money. The store was laid out with kitchen tiles, pipes on every wall, one wall needed to be rendered and gritty office tiles in the ceiling. We came across more problems as time went on due to the agent’s cowboy builders leaving the wall damp and also putting a hole through the ceiling but we have overcome majority of issues.

So what did we do:

1- We boxed in all the pipes

2- We painted the walls and all the boxes

3- We laid a new floor throughout and cut a step into the floor

4- We laid a new ceiling with ceramic tiles

5- We cut the ceiling to match the lighting and then hung the lighting accordingly

6- We designed and installed a new sign

7- We built wardrobes  and fitting rooms.  We then painted them

8- We hung and framed several large mirrors

9- We put on a bit of wallpaper and a lot of fixtures and fittings

10- We laid out the rooms with furniture

11- Probably bought a lot more furnishings than expected to make it fabulous.

12- We cleaned and scrubbed and painted until we finally opened on the 10th of November


I have included some pictures below to show the before and after


I am very lucky that I have the full support of family and friends and without their help I would still be working on it.


shop before work cocomio-store-transformation CocoMio-bridal-store-setup CocoMio-store-transformationcocomio-opening-wedding-dress-shopping-cardiffcocomio-bridal-wedding-dress-shopping-cardiff


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