10 steps of Engagement

Posted by Aoife O Gorman

Congratulations on your recent engagement. We are going to discuss ten steps of what happens when you get engaged.

Once you have that fabulous engagement ring on your left hand it is official. You (plural) become a team and it is you and your other half against the world.

The Engaged Bubble

There is going to be shock, screaming, tears, happiness and of course we hope you said ‘YES.’ Take in the moment as whatever situation you are in your other half has planned this and managed to keep it a secret from you. Take a lovely picture and cherish the moment. It won’t be long until you won’t be off your phone on calls and texts so take some time out before breaking the news to others.

Sharing the News

Many couples call their loved ones that are important and may opt to text or group whatsapp friends. Others may ¬†decide to shock people with a post on facebook ( try get there before your friends do). Whatever method you are going to hear a lot of cliches and will be asked to repeat the story on how he/she did it. Of course this gets you all excited to repeat the same story over so you don’t mind sharing.

The Questions & Answers

The big question is what happens next? Where to get married, what options, budget, how big and who will be involved. You may not know the answers straight away but it gives you an excuse to let your mind run away and think of all the possible ideas. Take a deep breath and discuss them and figure it out. Pin point the most important aspects for your day. If you want a big dress don’t look at a hot country at peak season when it will be too humid or if you have too many relatives and want something more intimate then maybe you will want to do something different.

Staring at the Ring

You won’t be able to help it. You will stare at your left hand in admiration of how much one person cares about you and how much they spent to secure you as their one and only. Its a lovely reminder.

Re-evaluate Friendships

You will decide who are your close friends and family and what impact will these people have on your day or do they make the cut. Remember it is your day and your decisions so anybody important then it is worth getting them involved.

The word Fiancé is weird

Hubby to be sounds like you are racing him down the aisle and boyfriend is old now so you either get used to the term or call him by his name.

Every Song will be Evaluated

You will listen to music you wouldn’t think of listening to every day. Classical to slow songs you will try figure out which music will go into what part of the day. May sound extremem but it sets the ambiance.


You will make plans for the mother of all diets with an extreme lists of no eats and allowed food. You will buy a diary and you will swear to keep to it. You may even join in a new activity or up the gym circuits but for you your wedding day is everything and you want to look your best.

Everybody is an Expert

Everybody will have good feedback, recommendations, worth checking out suppliers, places to visit and where to start with what item. Take it on board but do your own research too. Start the planning with the venue then move quickly onto the big items which book well in advance including dress shopping, photographer and band. The other parts will fall into place once you have organised the main aspects.

The Money Tree

You will quickly realise how broke you are as you try keep to budget and save on top of the regular bills. You will cut out the party nights for options of tea and cake over wedding talk. You may even consider eloping but will decide against it to keep the family happy.

Just remember its a once in a lifetime event so make the most of it and if in doubt look back at the lovely ring and remember we all haven’t won the lottery and somebody loves you.


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