Top 50 Best UK Wedding Dress Shops of 2018

Top 50 Best UK Wedding Dress Shops of 2018 has featured CocoMio Bridal as one of their stores. This is a great recognition from GoHen. As a small team, we try our hardest to stand out from the crowd as best as we can so to get recognition on a UK basis is another step up for us.


“The team at CocoMio have a seriously impressive awards cabinet and there’s little wonder why with a range of dresses this immaculate. Whenever you look at a gown within CocoMio’s four walls, you’re looking at a design that’s been handpicked for it’s quality, style and the emotion it’s capable of stirring if you decide that it’s the one to make your wedding day unforgettable. Saying ‘yes to the dress’ was never quite so easy.” (Go hen, 2018)


To top it off we were also mentioned again for 2019!

These are just a sample of our bridal and bridesmaids dresses. Call us and book an appointment to see our full range of vintage dresses.

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