Appointment Information


Thank you for booking your appointment with us at CocoMio Bridal. Please find information below to help give give you an idea of what to expect when you visit us.

We like to give every bride the time and knowledge that we have while helping every bride for the perfect dress so we feel it is important to understand how we operate our boutique so you can get the best experience out of it. Our aim is to make every bride feel amazing and to help each bride find the perfect dress. We  guarantee to welcome you into a friendly environment with professional and constructive styling advice. Please do not be nervous when you visit us.

Securing your Appointment Booking

CocoMio Bridal will hold a £25 deposit fee on your debit card to secure each appointment booked and at the end of your appointment time this amount will then be refunded onto the same card so your first appointment is free of charge with us. Please note details are held on a compliant system. If you cancel or fail to show up for your appointment then you won’t be refunded the £25 which will go to administrative time, cover staff costs and holding the appointment when somebody else could of booked in. Please be sure you can show up before you book an appointment.


We have the most amazing private bridal suite. Currently we give every bride exclusive access of our bridal room to ensure you are the only customer in store at any given time. We also do not permit browsing by other parties while your appointment is ongoing.


We ask all brides to please wear white or nude underwear as coloured underwear will be transparent under ivory dresses.

Precious Things

On a weekend we ask for brides and family members to refrain from bringing borrowed  items etc as the store is very busy. The store will supply petticoats and shoes for your comfort. We do ask anybody with  size 2, 9 or 10 feet to please bring shoes with you for fitting room purposes as our shoes range from a size 3-8.


At any appointment we can accommodate seating for a maximum of three people to watch the bride in the fitting room. This is to ensure the bride is not confused and her view of the dresses is not torn up by onlookers.


Children are only allowed in the store if they can be on their best behaviour. We do not permit them to touch the dresses or accessories. They must be seated at all times and are not allowed near the large mirrors for fear they would fall on them.

We ask that all babies coming in with family members must be in a carry seat.  Unfortunately, do not have the space to accommodate a buggy in our busy boutique.


We have a strict non photograph policy in store.

  • We protect copyright of our designers as per our contracts with them
  • The store is not the best and can provide bad lighting. The spot lights cast shadows on the dresses.
  • A phone camera is completely different to a professional camera.

We only allow photographs (only if she wants them) after the bride has confirmed that she is ordering the dress and paying the deposit. Many brides actually decide against it but we will accommodate your decision on this.

Seated Appointment

We ask everybody to take their place with seating when the bride gets started in the changing room. We ask for all family members to stay away from the changing room entrance and dress rails once we have moved from the showroom to the bridal suite.If anybody needs extra family assistance because of an injury/ disability then please let us know before the appointment. We will happily dedicate a staff or family member for extra help.

Committing to The Dress

When you find your dream dress be prepared to say Yes! We love to celebrate with customers and we reward brides with something extra special when they buy dress, accessories and petticoat at their first appointment also. Subject to the dress not being discontinued and more than a year lead time to the wedding then we have the option of payment plans.

We do hope this appointment information has been helpful. We would love to make you an appointment within our store hours.

We are looking forward to having you in store with us.

Aoife  xxx


These are just a sample of our bridal and bridesmaids dresses. Call us and book an appointment to see our full range of vintage dresses.

Call - 02921 670482


Call - 02921 670482

124 Crwys Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4NR