Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

 Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

We offer a wedding dress dry cleaning process to all brides in the Cardiff area and South Wales. As your dress is probably the most expensive item of clothing you will buy and it should be treasured, we recommend getting your dress professionally cleaned before you store it. The dry cleaners recognises the sentimental and financial importance of every bride’s gown and they will do everything in their power to get the dress as clean as possible for you.


We don’t use a local dry cleaners as we use a bridal specialist that manages wedding attire for high end designers. Please do not ask us about any local cleaners as we cannot give advice on these services. We only use one company and will always go with the best and most recommended in the bridal industry.

Dry Cleaning Price List:

  • For a store sample (never worn outside) Dry cleaning- £100
  • A Post Wedding Dry Clean is a more specified service (includes mud stains)- £120 non boxed
  • A Post Wedding Dry Clean boxed depends on the dress size- Small at £160 and large at £175. Boxed includes acid free tissue paper to ensure no discolour and long term storage for your dress.
  • Dry Clean your veil- £40
  • Dry Clean your hoop- £25
  • Garter Dry Clean- £10

All prices include delivery charges by the dry cleaners to CocoMio Bridal. We cannot get the dress or accessories to be delivered direct to the bride’s house once complete. Collection only from our boutique within two weeks of the dress coming back.

Lead Times

CocoMio asks all customer to pay for their dry cleaning in advance. The process takes a few weeks with the cleaners

  • 3 -4 week lead time

The Cleaning Process

Every gowns is unique and special to CocoMio bridal’s customers.  Our suppliers are the best in the industry and work to the best care to ensure your items are perfectly looked after during the cleaning process.


A team member will unpack your gown on arrival. An experienced and dedicated staff member will hang the bride’s dress up and examine it in detail. He/she will point and look at specific areas requiring attention. The cleaners will contact our store and will notify me of your gowns safe arrival and to discuss any findings that they may have made.

Hand Spotting

The cleaners will apply specific hand treatment and spotting to the dress. This technique is used prior to cleaning using individual stain removal techniques. This can take several hours.


Your Gown is then cleaned using specially formulated Baptiste® Process that is suitable to clean any Wedding Gown including silk, delicate, embellished and hand painted Gowns.


The bride’s dress will then be hung and re-inspected. If the cleaners need to retreat the dress to ensure the finest levels of service then the cleaners will do so until they feel that they can go no further.

Hand finishing

The Cleaners will finish the process by hand steaming the customer’s gown. Finally, the dress will be inspected for one final time to ensure it is perfect. The last stage is a member will pack the dress and organise delivery back to CocoMio Bridal.


Your Gown will arrive back in its gown bag as originally packed unless a post wedding where it will arrive in a box.

The dry cleaners will use the best process to get stains out of all wedding gowns. There is no guarantee that the dry cleaners can removed all stains 100% completely. We have seen our own samples cleaned and can say the process our cleaners provide is excellent.

CocoMio Bridal will take responsibility of the dress while it is handed over in a gown bag, will ensure delivery is organised in the gown bag so not removed during the process and sent off to the cleaners. The store will not take any responsibility for the cleaners and how clean the dress gets based on the report that they submit. Any faults to the dress (loose beads, tears, loose threads or rips) is the responsibility of the bride post wedding.

Please note all dry cleaning needs to be paid 100% in full when putting into the store and this service is a bacs or cash payment.

We also have a special offer for our own customers with all boxed post wedding orders. Please ask us for more information on 02921670482.

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